Why the Entire World Should Be Holding Its’ Breath About the U.S. Election

As a dual Canadian (born)/U.S. (naturalized) citizen, it is understandable that others here in Canada and elsewhere in the world do not get anywhere near as concerned about the upcoming U.S. election as am I.

Yet they should be.

The human race has reached a point where, while still plodding along as geopolitical nation states, information and capital flows have long flowed as if no national boundaries exist. The legal profession struggles with issues of intellectual property (IP) protection in the global playing field. Flows of desperate refugees (often rendered so by the widespread war-mongering of developed nations) flood into any country that might take them.

The old paradigm of localized crises is rapidly changing: our most serious current challenges cannot be solved without highly integrated global collaboration.

Climate crisis and global income inequality and corruption recognize no separate countries and borders, nor do risks like the current coronavirus COVD19.

Here’s our existential dilemma: when never before has it been so urgent to attack mega-problems collectively, the leaders of our biggest countries are entrenching myopic, self-serving agendas.

And the very worst of these is Donald Trump.

Example: Climate crisis. How will the world have any chance at holding temperature rises to 1.5 or 2.0 degrees Celsius without the aggressive technology and willful participation of the world’s only superpower? How will Trump’s mendacious approach to foreign relations (and everything else) facilitate coordinated global strategies and efforts to combat it?


This is not like the times when most countries could sit safely and comfortably by and watch the U.S. go to Viet Nam. It’s not even like the World Wars, where strategic decisions to participate or not were possible, as long as you were comfortable with the risk.

There is no disconnected spectating from the sidelines now.

And speaking of World Wars, a despotic alliance of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and Stalin sought eventual world dominance. It is smug and naive to think that today’s global income inequality, left unchecked, cannot result in a global 1% that wields sufficient power to dictate policies and impinge human freedoms. How much of the world does the Davos crowd already unofficially control?

Nonsense, you say? The three largest countries are already run by oligarch despots: Xi, Putin, and post-acquittal Donald Trump. These kindred spirits would love nothing better than to form a global order that cements and expands their control while satisfying their shared interests.

Love or hate America, we cannot meet and conquer our current crises without its clout and enlightened, humane leadership. Donald Trump is the antithesis of that leader.

So hold your breath, world. Because the sabotage, fraudulent election processes, dark money PACS, systematic misinformation and fake news, corporate media, cronyism, and a corrupt Congress are all hard at work to ensure the re-election of the dangerous sociopath tyrant Trump.

Four more years of his criminal behaviour won’t just damage America; it could ruin the entire world.

Michael Darmody is a leadership consultant and executive coach. More detail on the challenges we currently face can be found in his new book The Boiling Frog: How Complacency and Ignorance Created Our Leadership Crisis and What We Can Do About It. 


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