Now is the Time

Watching the U.S. debt ceiling debacle has left me feeling both angry and concerned about the behaviour of their leaders. But also globally, there are increasing signs that the leaders we have appointed are failing to deliver, and now is the time for us to speak up loudly and ensure they understand we expect different and better behaviour. Many of us welcome the efforts of citizens of the Arab Spring countries to change or send strong messages to their leadership. Yet we remain complacent at home about our own situation.
In a recent article in Leader to Leader magazine, writer Michelle Hunt states: “the world needs leaders with a purpose that transcends corporate selfishness, individual materialism, and seduction of power. We need leaders who understand the myriad connections both among and within individuals families, organizations, communities and the environment.”
I have resolved to make sure my local MPP candidate clearly understands what I believe is needed from him/her, and to vote only for the person who most closely embodies the attributes listed above. I invite you to do the same. Now is the time to insist on positive change for our society.

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