Team Alignment and Coaching

Teams have long been used to accomplish projects in organizations, with varying results. Successful teams are knowledgeable and skilled in proven team practices: shared leadership roles, specific team purpose, trust, positive conflict, collective work products, individual and mutual accountability. We share and help you apply the most current knowledge and practices of effective teams to your organization.

Our approach follows the theory that teams (like individuals) do not need to be ‘fixed’, that the solutions lie within, and that effective coaching helps the team identify what is trying to emerge among them, and remove obstacles that block emergence.

Exploring corporate (and team) culture focuses members on what is most important, on their values and mission. Within that context, we then help the team align their challenge or mandate with both culture and strategy, and leverage individual and collective strengths to help solutions emerge. The process is both powerful and fascinating, as the team energy takes on a life of it’s own.