Executive Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

The world is experiencing an unprecedented pace, breadth and depth of change. We traditionally achieve progress through organizations, yet most today are finding it difficult to be sufficiently proactive, nimble and resilient to keep pace. Better leadership is needed everywhere, to help employees cope with uncertainty, chaotic environments, and re-engagement with the organizations mission.

Effective leadership develops through reflective self-awareness, which clarifies intent on what needs to change, and on how to influence self, and others to make those changes. Coaching leverages that process by providing a trusted guide to challenge assumptions, to assist the leader in taking courageous action, and to support and encourage the leader when inevitable setbacks occur. The cyclical process of reflect-act-learn is transformational; it raises behaviour to a more effective level, and becomes the new norm.

Effective coaching creates an alliance between coach, client and Human Resource sponsors, blending research-based leadership techniques with the organizations mission, values, strategy and objectives, and aligning both with the client’s own values and fulfillment needs. This arrangement yields positive results for the client while satisfying the organizations leadership needs: a win/win outcome.

Our coaching applies an ability to relate to and deeply connect with employees at all levels: from C-level to line operatives, to galvanize them around organizational mission and objectives, and to align activity for the seamless achievement of those objectives.